Like falling asleep, I don't know how Gu Yifei handled it. She turned to the ghost Meng Rui and asked, "Can you go in now?" The ghost Meng Rui floated around, restored his original face, and shook his head solemnly. Gu Yifei has no way now, he actually did nothing. "I called and asked the driver to send him back," said Gu Yifei. Yao Xunan nodded and asked, "Do you know where his home is?" "I don't know, ask Jiang Songcheng." Yao Xunan gave a cry, but did not make a sound. She did not quite understand the relationship between the two, sometimes bad to fight, sometimes good enough to ask for help. Jiang Songcheng knew that Gu Yifei wanted to ask Meng Rui's address, and his first reaction was ridicule. Jiang Songcheng: "Brother Fei, the smell of vinegar came over, and Meng Rui in our class was knocked unconscious." Gu Yifei ignored him, but soon, the address came from there. They waited for Gu's car for a while in the fruit drink shop outside, and then moved them to the car. Meng Rui's home is near the school. No.1 Middle School is an old campus, close to the mountains. Many villas have been built in recent years. Yao Xunan was also surprised when she got the address, because a few days ago,euro plastic pallet, when she was still Gu Yifei, it was this way to get in and out. Meng Rui's door was rung, the door was opened, and the people inside did not come out. When they went in, they saw the woman sitting on the sofa. The woman looks young and well maintained, and is sitting on the sofa eating fruit and watching TV. Hearing the noise, the woman asked casually,plastic wheelie bins, "Why did you come back so early?" "Please come and get someone." Gu Yifei said. The woman looked over and saw Meng Rui falling asleep. Her eyes panicked and she quickly calmed down. He looked at the young girl in front of him and the driver uncle in a white shirt. The woman was surprised and said, "Are you Meng Rui's classmates?"? Please sit down quickly. Meng Rui, please. Yao Xunan looked at Gu Yifei subconsciously, always feeling that there was something strange. Yao Xunan said: "No trouble.". May I ask who you are? "Ah, I am Meng Rui's mother." She was busy before and after, asking the nanny aunt to come out for tea and let people sit down. Finally, he attached his hand to Meng Rui's forehead. Mother Meng said, "I don't have a fever. Alas, this child is too worrying." "He fainted." Yao Xunan said vaguely, "Would you like to take it to the hospital?" Mother Meng also waved her hand with a sigh of relief, "No, I know our boy, he is in a bad mood recently." "In a bad mood?" Yao Xunan glanced at Gu Yifei and wanted to see something from the other's expression. Yes, his personality has changed a lot this year, wholesale plastic pallet ,plastic pallet supplier, probably because the friend he grew up with died, and he never came out. We also went to a psychologist to enlighten us. Meng's mother showed her bitterness and looked at them again: "Are you Meng Rui's friends?"? If Meng Rui can recover as before, thank you very much. Yao Xunan suddenly asked: "Besides this, is there anything else unusual?" Mother Meng's face changed. "How could you ask that?"? Abnormal, is not because the mood is not good, so it affects the results. To say, he used to be in the experimental class. Alas. Without beating around the Bush, Yao Xunan said, "Auntie, don't you think Meng Rui is bewitched?"? Don't you see that he's not quite right now? "How can you be bewitched?" Mother Meng raised her tone a little, as if she didn't believe it. She looked into Yao Xunan's eyes and said lightly, "You are also studying. How can you believe these superstitions?" At this point, there is no need to continue. "Let's go," said Gu. Yao Xunan sees Gu Yifei to go, the bottom of my heart is impatient. Mother Meng said, "The aunt won't keep you. It's dark at night. Be careful on the way." When they went out, they met Meng's father back and said a little hello. As soon as Meng's father entered the door, he asked, "What are those two people doing?" "Ruirui fainted again. It was sent by his classmate. Alas, the classmate also said that Ruirui was bewitched and wanted to invite some master to see it." "Bewitched?"? I think he has a lot of things on his mind. He won't go to see a psychologist. He's asking for trouble. Meng's father's face sank and he felt hopeless about his son. After getting on the bus, Yao Xunan looked at the family again.
"What do you see?" Gu Yifei is one step behind and walks side by side with him. Face to look, that aunt goes fortune recently. Yao Xunan is serious. Gu Yifei gave a sniff. He did not study the book as thoroughly as Yao Xunan. His previous research was just to change his body, that's all. Yao Xunan looked back at the bottomless eyes. "Do you want to learn physiognomy?" Asked Yao Xunan? I'll teach you. Bao will teach you. It won't be free. The girl's eyes were full of stars, her face was smiling, and her delicate features were like those in the painting, no more, no less, full of youthful vitality at this age. Gu Yifei stretched out his hand, and when he was about to touch the eyes, he pressed Yao Xunan's short hair and turned Yao Xunan's head mercilessly. The scenery outside the car is receding rapidly, and the lights are becoming less and less, from the empty villa area to the crowded old area of the city. Where are your glasses? In the carriage, Gu Yifei asked. Yao Xunan also rummaged around in his schoolbag. Recently, she needs very little time to use glasses because of the improvement of skills and endurance. She thought Gu Yifei needed it, so she felt it out and handed it to him with both hands. Gu Yifei glanced at it and coughed, "put it on." "There are no ghosts here." Yao Xunan muttered, feeling strange, but still honestly put on his glasses. Dai Hao, Yao Xunan turned his head and asked, "Are you relieved?" Gu Yifei did not respond to her, not even looking at her. Yao Xunan also did not take it seriously, but thought in his heart, is it difficult for Gu Yifei to really worry about her timidity? Even if there is, she is not afraid. No, I'm scared. The author has something to say: Turn the page ~ Chapter 25 can't get a marriage certificate with him. Yao Xunan went back and didn't see Dai Yulin,drum spill containment, so Dai's mother was in the living room. Seeing her come back, the knife with the mother's eye was thrown over without any disguise. Seeing this, Yao Xunan walked back to the room defiantly.